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Coming in Winter, 2017

Athletic VR Headset

Introducing the first VR headset designed specifically for athletes: it is form-fitting, ventilated, lightweight, and has a larger field of view.

 • One size fits all phones
 • Comfortable strap
 • Breathable material
 • Fog-resistant

Rowing App

Intero VRow enhances rower experience through a virtual environment where you can connect with other rowers, train together, and challenge each other.

 • Accurate rowing physics
 • Friends/opponents online
 • Save and analyze stats
 • Chose your rowing terrain
 • Improve your form

Compatibility Unit

Older athletic machines do not always have bluetooth capabilities. To sync your machine and the training app, you’ll need a compatability unit!

 • Uses machine USB
 • Made with Raspberry Pi for Bluetooth
 • Needed for ergs: PM3 & PM4


Our progress throughout 2017

  • January

    AZ Hackathon

    Intero partipated in the AZ Hackathon, where we developed the first prototype for our smartphone rowing app. We met amazing developers and mentors who continue to help us today.

  • February

    Startup Weekend

    We took our app to AZ Startup Weekend, sponsored by Google, where we presented our first pitch. Feedback helped us realize that we needed to develop an athletic VR headset. This was the begining of our headset development!

  • March-April

    Innovate UA Accelerator

    We spent 6 weeks in the Innovate UA Accelerator, where we conducted interviews and perfected our business model and pitch. We are semi-finalsts in the accelerator.

  • Summer '17

    Mexico City

    Intero has spent the past few weeks developing and researching in Mexico City. We demoed our app and headset to rowers at the Olimpiada National, who had a great time experimenting with our new form of training.

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Our amazing team

Rodrigo Savage

Rodrigo Savage

Lead Developer

Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Headset & App development
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Case Study Designer

Rodrigo is working on his PhD in computer engineering. He can develop anything he sets his mind to.

Becca Rogers

Becca Rogers

Lead Designer

Lives in Tucson, Arizona
  • Headset & App Design
  • General Management
  • Research

Becca’s background is in Neuroscience, Music, and Design. She’s making sure our brain works well with VR!

Pavel Estrada

Pavel Estrada


Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Rowing Coach Expert
  • Case Study Designer
  • Sub-director of Athletic Sports in Mexico

Pavel knows everything about athletics in Mexico. He’s helping us make amazing connections and providing coaching expertise.

Omar Karim

Omar Karim


Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
  • App development

Omar is pursuing his Masters in Science and Computer Engineering at UNAM.

Brenda Esquivel

Brenda Esquivel

Design & Animation

Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Avatar design/modeling

Brenda is a CG artist and a director of Computing and Information/Communication Technologies in Mexico.

Alan Armenta

Alan Armenta


Lives in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Avatar model

Alan is a professional rower and Pan-American Champion.

We’d like to give a shoutout to our mentor at Innovate UA, Justin Williams, as well as Anita Bell from the AZ Center for Innovation. Dan Janes from the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship has been an incredible resource. We’d also like to thank Beatrice Cahill-Camden for her wonderful asssitance with writing and editing.

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